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Protected Sex Just As Enjoyable As Using No Protection At All

Men and women consider sex just as pleasurable and arousing regardless of whether or not a condom is used. Men claimed that condom use did not make a significant difference in their ability to maintain an erection.

video game

Video Game Controllers Affect Hostility During Game Play

Playing with Wii controllers makes you feel more hostile after the game than playing with a traditional controller, at least for males (females did not participate in this study). The feeling of being more immersed in the game is what researchers believe increased hostility.

road perspective

Frequent Multitaskers Are Bad At It: Motorists Overrate Ability to Talk on Cell Phones When Driving

The people most likely to multitask have the lowest multitasking ability. Additionally, people tend to vastly overestimate their ability to multitask.

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How Hugging, Kissing And More Displays Of Affection Help Your Health

Hugging a loved one reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and boosts memory, but the opposite is true of hugging a stranger. Cuddling with, talking to, and kissing a loved one all help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Sex does the same, and additionally helps you sleep better and boosts your immune system.

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How Disasters and Trauma Can Affect Children’s Empathy

Young children– up to at least age 6– become less empathetic and giving after experiencing a disaster or trauma. People aged 9 and up, however, become more empathetic and generous after experiencing a big negative event.

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People Overestimate the Happiness New Purchases Will Bring

People are happier right before making a big purchase than they are after, and this is especially true for materialistic people. Try putting more thought into your larger purchases, and see if you’re buying it because you think it’ll make you happy. Keep in mind that it probably won’t- you’ll return to baseline happiness quickly.


Music, Multivitamins And Other Modern Intelligence Myths

Multivitamins and listening to music do not improve children’s IQ. Omega-3 supplements and interactive reading do, though.

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Avoiding Cold Feet Down the Aisle

When making big decisions, like whether to get married or not, listen to your intuition. Writing down all your doubts also helps solidify and improve your choice.

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Effect Of Taking Smaller Bites Outweighs Tendency To Eat More When Distracted

Taking small bites tricks you into eating less, even if you’re eating while distracted (for example, while watching TV).


Acts of Kindness Can Make You Happier

You experience the most happiness from doing good deeds if you: 1.  Engage in one kind act per week 2. Do a variety of different charitable actions, not just the same one each week 3. Receive social support for your acts

Fruits and veggies

Many Apples a Day Keep the Blues at Bay

Eating more fruits and vegetables makes you feel happier, calmer, and more energetic, regardless of your BMI.

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Playing Music May Lower Blood Pressure, Improve Psychological Well-Being

Even when holding other health factors constant, people who play music enjoy lower blood pressure. Also, older adults who played an instrument experienced a boost in optimism, feelings of independence, and feelings of accomplishment.

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People Seek High-Calorie Foods in Tough Times

People tend to eat more food that they believe to be high in calorie when they think that times are tough.


Facebook Makes Users Feel Envious, Dissatisfied

A study conducted in Germany found that going on Facebook can make you envious- especially when you don’t engage in any active communication on the website, and just read other people’s posts.

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In the Land of the Free, Interdependence Undermines Americans’ Motivation to Act

If you want to motivate Americans, emphasize independence, not helping others.

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Happy in Marriage, Heavier on the Scale?

A recent study shows that satisfaction in marriage is associated with weight gain.